Client. White Horse Pub
Platform. WordPress

The White Horse pub in Baston is a family owned free house which offers plenty of charm and character, local craft ales and fantastic award winning food.

The site needed to put The White Horse on the map locally, increase reach and attract new customers from the village and the local area.

Stunning food photography, personable staff and a great backstory were all blended with great design and functionality from navigation through to booking a table.

Visit the site at

The White Horse Baston has been developed as part of a suite of websites that work independently as well as part of a family. Each site utilises primary brand colours combined with it’s own accent colour to add variety to the palette and allow for differentiation between the businesses. To add to the family-run aspect of the Thetford Farm Estate, hand drawn illustrations were commissioned by a local artist to add an extra layer of individuality.

Other projects in the family: Thetford Farm Barn and Thetford Farm Estate.

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