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Masters Historic Racing is one of the leading promoters of historic motor racing, offering its drivers the chance to compete in the most prestigious historic racing events at many of the most iconic circuits around the world.

Organised and easy to navigate

The key objective of the website was to enable the end user to be able to quickly and easily register for races and view race results. The website structure was honed down and a comprehensive and visually engaging mega menu was introduced to intuitively direct visitors to the area of particular interest.

Reaching a larger audience by going multilingual

With a large French following, it was imperative that the website could be scaled and translated into different languages and make contact with a much wider audience.

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Style and tone

Dynamic photography captures and reflects the ambience, excitement and teamwork of each event or official activity. These are paired with eye catching headings to invite the reader to discover more.

Brand distinction

The Masters Historic Racing colour palette was developed to enhance the brand strength, vision message and personality.

The primary palette is restrained to allow the brand to sit comfortably amongst the exciting and colourful imagery.

In addition to the primary brand colours, the identity uses a secondary palette that is event specific and takes inspiration from the colours of the flags at featured venues. This allows the individual events to have their own personality whilst remaining under the Masters Historic Racing brand.