Photographic images with impact

From our in-house photographic studio and exceptional post production skills, we can work on emotive food photography, beautiful pack shots, crisp studio product shots or you can send us out on location to capture that portrait with plenty of personality. The power of the image in design drives our love of photography. From the everyday to high-end luxury, our creative approach twinned with our technical ability allows us to create persuasive and aspirational product photography, whatever the desired effect.

Studio Photography

A creative approach twinned with our technical ability means we can make even the most ordinary of objects look exciting. Our inhouse studio allows us to not only have full control over the images required, but also offers our clients a flexible and cost effective service.

Food Photography

Our elegant, beautiful food photography tries, wherever possible, to use natural light from our studio to capture the delicate tones and subtleties of the dish. Cooked, prepared and styled in house, our attention to detail makes every shot mouthwatering and appealing.

Location Photography

Our location photography has taken us to some fantastic places. Whether it’s to shoot molten steel in a large scale foundry, a friendly, inviting image of a gamekeeper or a shot that captures an artist at work, we relish every new opportunity to create a stunning and memorable image to support our design work.